'Halo' Comics Coming To Dark Horse With New Miniseries 'Halo: Initiation'


A new series from writer Brian Reed will look at the story of the first Spartan-IV commander.

"Initiation," which launches in August, sees former ODST Sarah Palmer take on a series of deadly missions in what will surely be a bridge between the first and current "Halo" trilogies. Spartan-IV's, in case you didn't know, differ from the Master Chief's model in that they weren't raised and augmented from early childhood to be supersoldiers, tuned up and improved in a less creepy process nonetheless built on Dr. Halsey's program.

The move to Dark Horse sees 343 Industries jumping away from longtime partner/publisher Marvel Comics who previously released minis and OGNs based on the franchise under creators like Brian Michael Bendis and Fred Van Lente. Reed has worked regularly with Marvel in the past, his longest stint being the 50 issues he wrote for "Ms. Marvel."

The first issue of "Halo: Initiation" will be available April 14.


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