Third-person 'XCOM' Shooter 'The Bureau: XCOM Declassified' Coming In August


"XCOM" heads back to the 50's in this very familiar-looking tactical shooter prequel from "Bioshock 2" developers 2K Marin.

The August 20 release for the 360, PS3, and PC will put you in the dapper, shiny shoes of William Carter, a member of the proto-XCOM responsible for monitoring and disposing of alien threats in the middle of the Cold War. It's an origin story for the version of the alien-hunting organization seen in "XCOM: Enemy Unknown," in case you wanted to know when global governments decided to start zapping E.T.'s.

Carter has a "Battle Focus" ability which sounds like game designer code for "slowing down time to make your next move (and possibly see enemies around you)." The press release says that "The Bureau" will embrace "permanent consequences" which means, as in "Enemy Unknown," your squad mates can suffer perma-death in the field.

This is something of a reinvention of the game that was formerly known as simply "XCOM" and was also a first-person shooter set in the same era. Around the time of the promotion and release of "Enemy Unknown," though, publisher 2K Games went quiet on any details about the spinoff, leading many to wonder if it had been axed entirely. Clearly, it's gone though a facelift bringing it more in line with its award-winning sister title developed by Firaxis.


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