Exclusive: Classified Docs About Insomniac's "Fuse" Revealed In Digital Comic

Courtesy of Radical Interactive, get a closer look at the clandestine Overstrike Team 9! Presented in a digital comic form, you'll learn the shattered past of the four squad mates as they embark on a new mission against a mysterious threat.

Back at GDC we got a look at some of the game's functionality "Fuse," and it's looking to shape up as an interesting co-op experience for Insomniac's first multi-plat outing. Here's a brief overview of the team.


Dalton Brooks

A decorated Marine with numerous successful missions, he was recruited by Raven in which he quickly rose the ranks. After a mission went awry and Dalton is set up for the fall --and a failed assassination attempt -- he gets scooped up by Overstrike and becomes the de facto leader of Team 9.


Isabelle Sinclair

From an early age, "Izzy" became fascinated with computers and eventually took to hacking which suit her lifestyle later in life. Masquerading as a DJ, she hid her espionage trade but was nearly caught by police when her identity was revealed. Overstrike noticed her as potential valuable asset and presented an offer she couldn't refuse.


Jacob Kimble

An LAPD Detective with a hard streak earned Jacob recognition as a man that would clean up the town by any means. However, his excessive tactics allowed a brutal gang leader to be freed on a technicality -- which Jacob could not abide. He took matters in his own hands with brutal vigilantism and eventually fled to escape capture. Jacob joins Overstrike soon afterwards quickly becoming a lethal vector.


Naya Deveraux

Raised and trained by her assassin father, Naya took up the family business. When she couldn't finish a job for Raven -- the assination of a child-- her father ended up joining the secretive organization and disowned Naya. Soon after she joins Overstrike providing brilliant tactics and ruthless lethality to any target.

"Fuse" launches on May 28 for PS3 and Xbox 360!

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