Nintendo's Miiverse Is Now Available Through Web Browsers

We knew it would happen sooner or later and Nintendo's gaming-oriented social platform Miiverse has officially gone into beta on mobile devices and PC. You won't be doodling much yet, but all of your virtual friends are there.

Okay, so before you head to the app store, keep in mind that Miiverse is only available through web browsers at this point. You can head over to the site (here) through your mobile device or PC's browser to see your Activity Feed, friends list and notifications. You'll also be able to "Yeah" other people's posts. Sadly, creating new posts and setting up a new account are things still only possible through a Wii U console.

Word of the Miiverse browser beta came by way of the Nintendo America Twitter account. Unfortunately they didn't really have any details to share other than the fact that you can check it out now. Hopefully the Big N will have more to share about the future of the service in an upcoming Nintendo Direct. We can only hope.

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