Press Invite Makes Next-gen Xbox Official, Will Be Unveiled May 21


Polygon was one of the outlets to receive an invitation from Microsoft to attend a May 21 preview event where the next generation Xbox will finally make its debut.

It's the first official confirmation of Microsoft's next machine after months of frenzied rumor and speculation. Will it be an always-on device? Will it play used games? Everything from the specs to a possibly updated and integrated Kinect have been floating around as the Redmond tech giant kept quiet about what they were planning for their next machine. "Durango" has been the codename of note for the console, although it's anyone's guess what the next machine will be called (my guess a hard reboot to "Xbox," a clear and simple name for what's likely to be Microsoft's all-purpose set-top box).

The event invite has asked attendees to be at the Microsoft campus by 9:15 AM on the 21, using the hashtag #XboxReveal. Microsoft also plans to stream the event via Xbox LIVE,, and Spike TV for U.S. and Canadian viewers. In a blog post this morning, Major Nelson described it as no less than "the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment."

Of course, since Sony unveiled the PS4, they've been determining the narrative of the next generation (even if their announcements to this point have been mostly dev-centric): to what extent will Microsoft keep on pace with game-streaming, instant downloads, and the huge community push on Sony's machine? And to what extent are developers onboard? Word coming out of recent events like PAX and GDC has been that Microsoft has been slow to get hardware out to both small and large developers, while Sony has been aggressive in courting both.

You can see the invite Polygon obtained below:


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