People Can Fly Founder: 'Bulletstorm' Sequel Would Have Been Too Risky


In a chat with Eurogamer, People Can Fly founder Adrian Chmielarz detailed the way the Epic-published shooter was mishandled and why it's lackluster performance at retail has likely doomed a sequel, telling the publication that "We did want to make Bulletstorm 2, and actually there was a concept and, I think, it would be an amazing game."

The foul-mouthed FPS--whose core mechanic allowed you to grapple and kick enemies and objects in the world on top of an arcade-style scoring system--was one of the great, unsung titles of 2011. Sure, the tone and the excessively harsh language was all over the place, but a diverse and interesting selection of sci-fi weapons and sometimes bizarre scenarios made "Bulletstorm" feel like nothing else on shelves that year.

Unfortunately, the game's need to shock (based on a script from the usually excellent comic writer Rick Remender) made the tone feel "Duke Nukem"-ish and it wasn't helped by a marketing campaign that Chmielarz feels oversold the humor without doing justice to the action "I think it was bad," he tells Eurogamer, adding "Initially I asked can we do it so it sells the game as an action-adventure, a pulp sci-fi rollercoaster, and not do the Bad Company 1-style of campaign of silliness and jokes? And then they showed me some marketing materials and I was laughing and like, 'OK that's funny, let's do this,' and that was a mistake."

While a "Bulletstorm 2" was in development, People Can Fly moved their efforts to "Gears of War: Judgment," allowing them to focus on Epic's mega franchise. You should check out the rest of the Eurogamer piece for Chmielarz's thoughts on the final game (he left PCF, the company he founded when "Judgment" was in alpha).

And be sure to check out our review of "Gears of War: Judgment."

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