'Steve Jackson's Sorcery!' Brings Tabletop Role-playing To The iPad and iPhone In May


The "Fighting Fantasy" gamebook series gets an iOS spinoff in May with the adaptive narrative game "Steve Jackson's Sorcery!" from developer inkle.

"Sorcery!" is based, appropriately enough, on the "Sorcery" series of "Fighting Fantasy" books, putting the player in the role of a young explorer in search of the Crown of Kings across the Shamutanti Hills. Okay, typical boilerplate high fantasy stuff, but the interface and ambitions of "Sorcery!" are what made it worth writing about today, a book-game hybrid featuring hand-drawn assets and a branching storyline. I'd like to think it's the interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" we dreamed about as kids.

The game fills its pages like a book being written, so your choices through the campaign are reflected as text, the combat done using inked illustrations. Developer inky is describing "Sorcery!" as "branchy" which reads to me as not being hugely divergent in its story, just enough that it feels like your choices matter (the rubber band approach).

From the publisher:

As a young hero determined to recover the powerful Crown of Kings, players choose which path to follow on an epic quest across the Shamutanti Hills. Along the way, you'll explore a beautifully illustrated world filled with memorable encounters, overcome vicious traps, and traverse a dangerous countryside littered with moral tests that can make or break a hero. Through it all, the narrative closely adapts to every action you take, with the AI using your decisions to write a story that will be uniquely different every time.

You can check out more images from "Steve Jackson's Sorcery!" in the gallery below:

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