Comics Publisher Valiant Releases The First Trailer For 'Harbinger Wars: Battle For Las Vegas'

A wee Bloodshot blasts his way through the trailer for Valiant's iOS tie-in to their big comic book crossover event, "Harbinger Wars."

The 8-bit inspired side-scroller in the first entry in the episodic and free "Battle for Las Vegas" which goes live on May 2nd, a day after the second issue of "Harbinger Wars" hits stands. The first chapter puts you in control of Project: Rising Spirit subject/albino killer Bloodshot as he makes his escape from the nefarious government facility.

From the publisher:

Out of the pages of Valiant's smash-hit summer crossover event and onto your favorite mobile device, Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas is a first-of-its-kind gaming experience that mirrors the events of the ongoing Valiant comic book storyline by Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski and Clayton Henry. Developed in concert with Storm City Entertainment and Gameshastra, Valiant's first mobile game comes complete with an all-original 8-bit soundtrack, a wide array of Easter eggs for longtime gamers and Valiant fans, and gameplay that emulates some of the most well-remembered console classics of the 1980s.

The gameplay looks noticeably different from the screens Valiant released with the initial announcement back in March, which had less chunky, more 16-bit inspired visuals.

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