Dark Horse Announces Digital-only 'Metro: Last Light' Tie-in Comic


"Metro: Last Light - The Gospel According to Artyom" will tie the Russian apocalypse drama of "Metro 2033" and this year's "Metro: Last Light" together, according to publisher Dark Horse Comics.

From the publisher:

Metro: Last Light is a first-person-shooter video game and the highly anticipated sequel to the extraordinary Metro 2033. In the year 2034, a nuclear war has turned the world into a postapocalyptic wasteland. In Moscow, the tunnels of the Metro have become a new home for the former inhabitants of the city. Within the catacombs, they fight for their survival, fending off hordes of hideous mutants born from the toxic atmosphere, as well as other factions desperate to take control of what little hospitable land remains. As they fight, they also search for a doomsday device that could be the key to their victory. A civil war is inevitable. During these dark hours, the players will embody Artyom and become the last light for all of mankind.

Telling the story of Artyom between the fateful events of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, the digital graphic novel The Gospel According to Artyom is available exclusively to customers who preorder Metro: Last Light through Steam and other selected retailers worldwide.

The book is from "Metro 2033" author Dmitry Glukhovsky, whose novels inspired the "Metro" series of games. His third novel, "Metro 2035" is getting its release outside of Russia this yer.


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