New 'Star Trek' Trailer Reveals Game Is Totally Canon

Apparently in Digital Extremes' game will tell the story of how a very grimy Kirk and Spock have to swab the decks of the Enterprise after the first movie.

Okay, maybe the swabbing the decks thing isn't true, but the Namco Bandai-published "Star Trek" will bridge the 2009 film and this summer's sequel by revealing the classic "Trek" enemies the lizard-like Gorn. According to the new video, the action kicks off with Vulcan refugees opening up a rip in space and hailing the Enterprise for help after unleashing the Gorn who seize a powerful terraforming device. One of the major plot points of the 2009 film was the diaspora among the surviving Vulcans after the destruction of their home planet by Romulan villain Nero (Eric Bana).

The video touts this as an original story although the script by "Gears of War" writer Marianne Krawczyk has shades of "The Wrath of Khan," specifically with the Helios as stand-in for the Genesis device as a game-changing piece of terraforming tech being seized and weaponized by the villains.

"Star Trek" will feature the likenesses and voices of stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Our own Kevin Kelly had a chance to play the game during GDC. You can check out his impressions here.

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