Bethesda Teases Lead Up To Shinji Mikami Collaboration, 'The Evil Within'


And now we know what all of those mysterious Vine videos were about: The "Skyrim" developer/publisher will be releasing this new survivor horror title from the "Resident Evil" creator for current and next-gen consoles.

And it's a game we've known about for a while.

Presumably, this is the oft-teased "Project Zwei," the first title from Tango Gameworks which has been in development since 2010. We've known since last April that Mikami's next project would be published by Bethesda, but both sides have avoiding sharing any additional details. The image below comes from a batch of 2012 concept art for "Project Zwei."

Mikami has spent 20 years in the game industry, creating and directing the "Resident Evil" series at Capcom through "Resident Evil 4" before moving over to Clover for the crazy third-person action game "God Hand." After that studio closed, Mikami joined Platinum Games for 2010's "Vanquish" before founding Tango Gameworks.

"The Evil Within" will have its coming out party on April 22 via IGN.


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