'Skyrim' Gets A Dose of T.U.R.T.L.E. Power


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Bethesda might be finished with "Skyrim" DLC but that won't stop the army of modders from unleashing new creations for the wintery fantasy world. Modder and apparent TMNT enthusiast, Higeyosi, has tapped into the secret of the ooze to bring the fighting turtles into epic dragon fights!

That's right, the endless creativity that can be found on Nexes Mods (which are more often horrifying as they are amazing) has finally introduced the ninja clan to kick a little Dovah tail. The shells and masks are available as craftable items in the game and. for obvious reasons, look better on an Argonian player. Higeyosi also has several other mods that revolve around the mystical ninjas so if you're itching for katana and wakizashi action yo might want to check out some of his mods.

Here's hoping that someone can eventually mod a Skeever into a playble Splinter.

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