Following A Rocky Fiscal Year, Capcom Is Canceling Games, Reducing External Development


Capcom says they've had a pretty rough year in terms of financials, and they're blaming low-quality outsourcing and a lack of focus on digital for their woes while two of their higher-profile titles for the last 12 months come in under pretty ambitious sales expectations.

Let's start with the big "disappointments," which were "Resident Evil 6" and the "Devil May Cry" reboot, the former garnering mixed reviews and sales of 4.9 million units across the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, the latter earning stronger reviews with total sales of 1.1 million since its release back in January across the same platforms. Those games were projected to pull in sales of 7 million and 2 million respectively, neither game exactly a bomb but each coming in well under the publisher's expectations.

It's likely that they took a hit on From Software's panned "Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor" as well while some of their digital re-releases might be losing steam as gamers get tired of repackaged, HD-upgraded classics.

According to Game Industry, as Capcom prepares to unveil their complete year-end result, they've landed on a three-point plan to recover from 2012's $73 million losses due to the cancellation of titles currently in development: beef up digital sales, raise the quality bar by developing more games in-house, and coordinating the efforts of the marketing and development teams. At this stage, it's not clear which titles are getting the axe--Capcom often has a pretty short window between the announcement and release of its digital offerings while any AAA releases might be too early along to talk about.

[Source: Game Industry]

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