Capcom Announces CryEngine 3-based 'Monster Hunter Online'


Coming to PC gamers in China, "Monster Hunter Online" is being co-produced Capcom and the mobile developmer Tencent.

The game's official site is online, and from the looks of it, "MHO" will replicate the console experience of looting and preparing from grand monster takedowns--except now it's in a persistent, online world. Capcom and Tencent will be using CryEngine 3 to pretty the game's world up, although don't go in expecting "Crysis"-level visuals.

Tencent is the developer behind the Chinese-language multiplayer games "Ava," "Crossfire" and the "QQ" series of games.

"Monster Hunter Online" will head into a testing phase in June (a beta?) with no official word on its launch date. Here in the west, "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" was just released for the Wii U and 3DS.

[Source: Edge]

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