Luigi Will Jump Higher Than Mario In 'New Super Luigi U' DLC


We've known for some time that Nintendo had plans to release "Year of Luigi" themed DLC for "New Super Mario Bros. U," but they just recently revealed some interesting new details. Most importantly, it appears that Luigi's taller stature has earned him the ability to jump higher than his brother, Mario.

The 'New Super Luigi U' DLC won't be available until this summer, but we already know that every single level originally available in "New Super Mario Bros. U" has been redone for the DLC. This morning's Nintendo Direct revealed that Luigi will be able to jump higher, but it comes at a cost. The plumber in the green overalls also needs a bit more room to stop after sprinting, meaning sliding off the edge of a platform is going to be even easier than before.



This morning's broadcast also revealed that all of the redesigned courses will only have 100 seconds on the timer, meaning you'll have to move a little quicker. The Luigi stages will also feature many more obstacles concentrated in a single area than before to help balance Luigi's longer leap.



Nintendo continues the Year of Luigi celebrations with the 'New Super Luigi U' DLC this summer.

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