New 'Mario Party' Revealed For Nintendo 3DS!


Ready to party with the Mushroom Kingdom crowd again? Today Nintendo revealed a new entry in the Mario Party franchise coming to 3DS this winter. Like previous Mario Party titles, board and mini-games will be featured. However, the seven boards in this game will each feature a set of unique gameplay challenges.



For instance, one board will have players collecting items that can be used to either interfere with their opponents or to progress. Another board will have players scrambling to nab dice boosts, which could help a player in last place catch up to the rest of the pack. Yet another will tests player luck as they choose whether to hide from Bullet Bills or risk it out in the open to move ahead.

Nintendo was quick to note that gameplay can change dramatically from one board to the next. Some will move along quickly for players who don't have a lot of time, while others will test your luck and concentration.


The new Mario Party for 3DS, which doesn't seem to have an official title just yet, will feature 81 new mini-games that use the 3DS's unique features to spice things up. Nintendo mentioned that AR Cards and SpotPass will also be supported. No information on a release date has been revealed.


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