Nintendo Confirms New 'Pikmin 3' Character, August Release Date


Nintendo tried to pull a fast one on everybody at last year's E3, slipping an all-new Pikmin type from "Pikmin 3" right under fan's noses during their presentation. In addition to the new rock Pikmin that was confirmed last year, "Pikmin 3" will also introduce a new flying pink Pikmin to the franchise.

The new Winged Pikmin, as they're known, fly and follow the player. It was also revealed that this new Pikmin type has the ability to carry items in the air, and Nintendo says that they will be able to help players in ways that other Pikmin types cannot. For instance, it appears that a group of Winged Pikmin will be able to lift objects over running water.

In addition to the new character confirmation, Nintendo showed of the game's final cover art, which you can see below.


"Pikmin 3" will be available for Wii U at retail and via the eShop on August 4th, 2013.

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