Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Lobo Might Be The First 'Injustice' DLC Fighter


[Image source: Strange Kids Club]

Is Netherrealm bringing DC Comics' tough-talking bastiche to "Injustice: Gods Among Us?"

Eh, probably.

Last month, Netherrealm's Ed Boon tweeted what's looking now like a hint that the Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen creation will be making his way into the Elseworlds fighting game. The image below only serves to confirm it.

For those of you not following mainstream comics back in the 90's, Lobo served as a parody of the violent antiheroes of the decade, his origin story having him slaughtering the population of his planet before knocking around the known universe on his space motorcycle. Typically, this unstoppable killing machine would come into contact (and conflict) with the heroes of the DCU because who wants to deal with a sociopathic albino space man with no table manners?


No word on when the character will make his way into the game or what kind of pricing will be in place, but "Injustice," like "Mortal Kombat" before it, has a season pass that will entitle you to all of the DLC characters. In the meantime, you should check out our review to see if "Injustice" is worth picking up.

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