Wii U Spring System Update, Virtual Console And Panorama View Coming Next Week

Nintendo has confirmed that the spring system update for the Wii U will arrive next week, shortening loading times when switching between applications or returning to the Wii U Menu. The following day, Wii U will finally get a Virtual Console of its own, along with the free Panorama View application.

Spring System Update
In addition to addressing load times, the Spring System Update will also deliver new features, such as the ability to copy data between two USB hard drives, automatically install new software that’s been downloaded in the background, and automatically receive game updates without running the software. Also, the Wii U will now continue downloading software in a standby mode if it has not finished before the console is shut off. The update will also allow Wii U owners to go directly into “Wii Mode” by holding down the ’B’ button while the Wii U is powering on.

Virtual Console
The day after the Spring System Update goes live, the Wii U Virtual Console will become available. At launch, it looks like Vitual Console titles will be limited to games released for NES and Super NES. However, Satoru Iwata did reassure fans that Game boy Advance games and Nintendo 64 games are still on the list, and would become available “in the future.” Watch the sizzle reel below to see what’s in store.

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