Buy Toothpaste, Unlock SimCity DLC

If you plan on picking up a fresh tube of toothpaste or some dental floss today, make sure it's Oral B and/or Crest. As part of a new EA-sponsored promotion, specially marked Oral-B and Crest products in the US will earn "SimCity" players the Attractions Set DLC, which delivers five new buildings for our virtual cities.

The SimCity Attractions Set delivers five tourist attractions, including the Giant Garden Gnome, Dolly the Dinosaur, Llarry the Llama, MaxisMan Statue, and the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. If "SimCity Social" is more your speed, you'll be happy to know that the digital items are compatible with that game as well. Just keep in mind that EA has announced they're shutting down the Facebook title as of June 14th.

What's most interesting about the toothpaste DLC is probably the promotional image we've posted above. Since when is "SimCity" available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Did we not get the memo?

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