What Noise Does a Badger Make? 'Pid' Devs Might & Delight Announce 'Shelter'

by Joseph Leray

Up until five minutes ago, I had no idea what badgers sound like. Dogs bark and cats caterwaul (appropriately), but -- according to the teaser for Might & Delight's "Shelter" -- badgers make kind of a whimpering, yelping noise.

In "Shelter," you take on the role of a mother badger forced to find a new home for her cubs. According to the Stockholm-based devs, "The harsh reality of nature plays a pivotal role in the game whilst at the same time Shelter aims to pay a homage to the great outdoors and all its imposing beauty." That's fine and dandy, but if one my baby badgers dies, I'll freak out.

As is the norm with new projects, hard details are a bit scarce, but Might & Delight hope to have the game released on Windows and Mac by the end of the summer. The game is also mounting a Greenlight campaign on Steam: if guiding a cete of badgers around a forest seems like a good way to pass the time, be sure to vote for "Shelter."

At first blush, there doesn't seem to be much connecting "Shelter" to Might & Delight's previous effort, a puzzle-platformer called "Pid." However, its brutal difficulty arc and neat mechanics notwithstanding, "Pid" really nailed a sense of melancholy and somber reflection, and it's easy to see a similar sense of delicacy and quiet in the trailer for "Shelter."

That said, "Pid" was pretty divisive when it came out last year. I enjoyed it very much, though, and I'll be keeping an eye out for "Shelter" as well.

[Might & Delight]

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