Undead Labs' Zombie Survival Sim 'State of Decay' Gets A Trailer

Undead Labs' "State of Decay" is a hard game to pin down with just a few minutes' demo. Even with the five (or so) hour preview the developer offered at their Seattle-based studio, I still don't feel like I've adequately seen how all of the systems in this third-person base management/relationship management shooter mesh together. I can (and will) tell you how it felt to play it in a preview later today, but I can't tell you with complete confidence that it works (or that it doesn't--it's a big game).

Set in an open, rural environment with plenty of buildings to access and zombies that can detect your sound and movement, and survivors who you'll have to forge relationships with if you want to keep your home base running, it's--based on my time with it--a compelling stew of mechanics and ideas. And this is what it looks like in motion.

Look for "State of Decay" this June when it hits Xbox LIVE.

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