Stylish 'Death Inc' Lives Again Via Paid Alpha Program

The gorgeous strategy plague-based strategy game "Death Inc." gets second life after not quite meeting the goal of its recent Kickstarter campaign. But that's not stopping the developers at Ambient Studios from attempting to put the power of the plague in your hands as they offer up an alpha purchase scheme (essentially buy the early version of the game now to get the finished version later).

Ambient Studios is handling the alpha program in the same way that they did their Kickstarter, offering bonuses to backers at different funding levels ($10 gets you the game, $1500 gets you the game, shirts, a bunch of collectibles, and a stationary set). Buying into the alpha program get you immediate access to the alpha build (like how Notch handled "Minecraft" early on) with the promise of Steam keys when "Death Inc." is live on the service.

If you'll recall, Ambient Studios is made up of former "LittleBigPlanet" devs, and the game is centered on a reaper tasked with bringing and spreading the plague to England.

[Source: Rock Paper Shotgun]

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