Carbine Studios' Super Stylish MMO 'WildStar' Has Begun Its Closed Beta

Looking like a cross between "Battle Chasers" and "WoW," Carbine Studios' "WildStar" is bringing illusion-flinging Espers, slashing Stalkers, sword-wielding Warriors, and mystical gunmen Spellslingers to the masses (well, some of them) in their closed beta.

As I struggle through "Defiance," I can't help wish I were playing something like "WildStar" instead, front-loaded as it is with style and personality on the savage planet of Nexus as opposed to the blasted-out, brown and grey ruin of San Francisco in Trion World's increasingly bleak shooter/MMO hybrid. Look at that character in the video above, all pepper and jokes and part of making you excited about Carbine's fictional world--more of this, please.

The game starts with a mystery of sorts, with your character exploring Nexus for clues about the disappeared race the Eldan, most of those clues left behind in the form of ancient machines and traps waiting to kill the unwary. In this context, "WildStar" offers four "paths" for your character to follow: the Explorer, the Scientist, the Soldier, and the Settler, each with their own objectives in the world. On top of that, you can choose one of the four combat classes--Espers, Stalkers, Warriors, or Spellslingers--to decide how you're going to deal with the imminent violence around you.

It's a colorful space Western MMO with well-designed races and classes. What's not to be into here? You can sign up for the beta here.

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