Will 'Beyond: Two Souls' Dev Quantic Dream Go Multiplayer With Their Next Title?


A recent job posting for a lead online programmer suggests the "Heavy Rain" and "Indigo Prophecy" studio might want to follow "Beyond" with something involving multiplayer.

The posting was discovered over at Kotaku, where the prospective candidate would be responsible for the usual analysis of online/networking needs while also--and this is the key point--having "a strong understanding of the multiplayer genre."

Up to this point, Quantic Dream hasn't offered any hints that "Beyond: Two Souls" would include a multiplayer component, and with the game shipping later this year, it's unlikely that this is what the posting is for. At the same time, as production on "Beyond" wraps up, Quantic Dream is at work on (or looking forward to) their next projects for current consoles and beyond (there had to be some reason David Cage was onstage at the PS4 event back in February).

I recently had a chance to see "Beyond: Two Souls" while at Quantic Dream's Paris studio. You might be inclined to know my thoughts on the experience.

[Source: Kotaku via Gamespot]

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