'Jetstream' DLC For 'Metal Gear Rising Revengeance' In Screens


Platinum Games and Kojima Productions' "Jetstream" DLC will offer a side story for cyber Samurai Samuel Rodrigues in "Metal Gear Rising Revengance."

Likely a prequel or companion to the main "Revengeance" story (which is itself a "MGS" side story--a gaiden within a gaiden), Samuel's storyline promises to flesh out details about the cyber samurai including his origins.

Per Konami:

Sam, the "cool Brazilian wind," was a lone swordsman who brought terror and chaos to the underworld in Latin America. After slashing through the world's outlaws as a part of his training, Sam arrives in Denver, Colorado. Players can find out what happens when he challenges "World Marshall" to test his skills. At last, the hidden story behind Raiden's popular rival will be revealed.

May will bring the "Blade Wolf" DLC, allowing you to control Raiden's cyborg canine companion for $9.99 on the PS3 and 800 MS Points on the 360. "Jetstream" is available now on Xbox LIVE and PSN for the same price.

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