Punch Ninjas In The Face In 'Fist Face Fight' On April 18th

I don't know about you, but I for one have always wanted to punch a ninja in the face. Not because I hate them, just because it would make a great story... "Hey, guess what I did today? Punched a ninja in the face!"

"Fist Face Fight" will have you doing just that on Android and iOS very soon.

The free game from Nocanwin sees players controlling a floating fist as they try to protect its heart from waves of pixelated ninjas. The only way to stop them? Punch them right in their stupid faces! "Fist Face Fight" will have you collecting coins, performing combos, and battling it out with several different types of ninjas as you progress.

As a free game, "Fist Face Fight" will be ad-supported. However, making a single in-app purchase, which will earn you some in-game currency, will make the ads disappear forever. It comes out for both Android and iOS devices on April 18th. If you haven't already, watch the trailer above!

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