See The Beauty Of The Wasteland In Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us' ViDoc

In this piece called "Wasteland Beautiful," the team behind "The Last of Us" trot out that old saw "the world is a character."

Not to take anything away from the expertly art-directed ruin of "The Last of Us," but the Naughty Dog team is speaking in some mighty lofty terms about what's essentially the same desolation and ruin that post-apocalyptic pop culture's been trading in for years. Their title just happens to have more collapsed architecture thanks to the in-game U.S. government's efforts to control the spread of a virulent infectious spore.

Still, this is a chance to hear pieces of the game's score and hear the devs talk about the process of building the under-populated United States of "The Last of Us," which is coming to the PS3 on June 14.

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