The Next Batman Game, 'Arkham Origins' Is Coming This October

The latest Game Informer cover story reveals that the console prequel to Rocksteady's pair of "Arkham" titles will see Batman square off against eight of the world's deadliest assassins on the streets of Gotham.

The Game Informer story reveals that Rocksteady has handed off the Bat-ton (get it, "baton?") to Warner Bros. Montreal, who'll be developing this prequel set presumably in the early days of Batman's career. The story would pit the Caped Crusader against some of his villains for the very first time with government-enhanced super soldier Deathstroke unveiled as one of the killers gunning for the Bat.

Using WB's modified Unreal engine, "Arkham Origins" will have the same look as the previous "Arkham" titles, thus nixing earlier reports that the next "Batman" game would be set in the Silver Age. This extended backstory route allows WB Montreal to do without Mark Hamill who's famously said that he's done with the role of the Joker (although he kinda sorta took it back), thus offering gamers a chance to see more of the costumed loonies in Batman's Rogue's gallery. Can we get Orca this time? Please?*

"Arkham Origins," which is coming to the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U on October 25th won't be the only "Batman" title released that day: Armature Studio (who's in the press for different reasons today) is developing a 3DS/Vita "Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate," a 2.5D "Metroidvania" standalone experience. Blackgate is the name of Gotham's high-security prison.


*No one wants Orca in a Batman game. No one.

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