Report: Capcom And 'Metroid Prime' Vets Planned, Then Cancelled A 'Mega Man' FPS


A Polygon report reveals that Capcom teamed up with Austin-based Armature Studio to produce "Maverick Hunter," a first-person shooter set in the "Mega Man" universe.

"Maverick Hunter" was thematically inspired by the "X" titles from the 90's and would have been the first in a proposed trilogy, and from the sounds of it, Capcom was well on its way to forgetting the mistakes of their "Bionic Commando" reboot. Polygon's Michael McWhorter does some excellent reporting with the piece, tracing the history of the concept from Capcom's decision to reinvent Mega Man for modern audiences to the publisher's ambitions to capture some of that "Metroid Prime" heat by enlisting Armature.

The shooter would have followed in the footsteps of "Mega Man X" while reinventing visual elements of the game's hero, making his X-Buster arm cannon a transforming piece of his armor (designed by Marvel comic artist Adi Granov), for instance, while giving him "a Bruce Willis-like police officer" sidekick. The project, which was cancelled in 2010, would have led to two sequels, ultimately culminating in the third game where X becomes the villain and Zero would have to step in to save the world from the one-time hero. Based on the video above, it looks a bit like a first-person "Vanquish" which I could kind of be into if it weren't called "Mega Man."

The arc of the story, though, is a familiar one when it comes to "Mega Man" games since the departure of the character's creator, Keiji Inafune: a bit of work, some interesting proof-of-concept, and ultimately, cancellation as Capcom struggles to figure out how to bring the concept of a blue guy who runs right (and sometimes left) destroying robots and taking their powers to save the world. Between the abrupt cancellation of "Mega Man Legends 3" and "Mega Man Universe," it's clear that right now the franchise doesn't have anyone really guiding it or evangelizing for it internally at Capcom.

You should check out the Polygon piece which has screenshots and gameplay video.

[Source: Polygon]

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