My Love Of Cyber T-Rexes Makes Me Hope This (Possibly) Leaked 'Far Cry 3' DLC Box Art Is Real


[Image taken from Game Informer]

Like something sprung from the low budget, high ambition fantasies of the 80's VHS era lunatics who brought us "Mega Force" (or maybe, more appropriately the cyberpunk fantasies of something like "Nemesis"), comes this Xbox LIVE box art and a banner for the "Far Cry 3" DLC "Blood Dragon."

The image comes from--where else--dedicated NeoGaf users possibly giving us a hint of what Ubisoft has in store for what would appear to be more story content from last year's head trip shooter.

If legit, then all of our VHS action movie fantasies could be coming true in video game form, possibly going deeper down the hallucinatory rabbit hole of the main story which stained--sometimes valiantly--at giving players a glimpse of drug-fueled insanity. Mostly, though, it was an excuse for poorly-designed boss encounters that relied too heavily on QTE-based conversations. Narrative failings aside, actually playing "Far Cry 3" was one of the great pleasures of 2012 and the game deserves a scenario that will do justice to the open mayhem that the Rook Islands allow.

Oh, and what the hell. You kids needed to learn about Olivier Gruner sometime:

[Source: NeoGaf via Game Informer]

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