16 Buttons, Pee, And A Bossy Parrot Are Part Of 'Katamari Damacy' Creator Takahashi's 'Tenya Wanya Teens'


Keita Takahashi's "Tenya Wanya Weens" (he calls it a party game) doesn't yet have a platform (maybe the 360? iOS is nice--but it might not even come out beyond GDC), and it was played using a 16-button controller that may or may not ship with the final game, but however it shakes out, the game Edge describes during their hands-on at GDC sounds like something we should all get our hands on right now.

Takahashi revealed his two-player (commissioned by U.K. social developer Wild Rumpus) game during a GDC party where players got to punch away at "Tenya Wanya Teens'" 16-button controller to command a teen who must follow the orders of a talking parrot without making a fool of himself in front of his girlfriend.

The gameplay is based on pressing color-coded buttons to make your onscreen character execute one of the preset moves. Oh, and the LED-lit buttons for bulky controller change colors over time, so you'll have to remember the sequence. It would be easy to chalk the mechanics up to the dismissive "because Japan, that's why," buy it sounds like the underlying idea about challenging player reflexes and muscle memory by confounding them with increasingly bizarre onscreen action digs into some fascinating design and would make for a terrific party game--provided Takahashi and his development team at Uvula can find a platform to bring it to.


Speaking with Famitsu, didn't hold out on it reaching consoles: “Brandon from Venus Patrol, which is running this party, says he plans to release this game on Xbox 360 and stuff like that,” he offered somewhat noncommittally. From the sounds of it, "Tenya Wanya Teens" was more of a party game made specifically for that party, but who knows, we might see it hit PSN, XBLA, and/or iOS at some point.

The "Katamari Damacy" designer isn't such an odd choice for a social game, by the way: his PSN release "Noby Noby Boy" had a social-ish metagame where the more players who tackled helped Noby Boy through his campaign, the longer Noby Girl would grow, ultimately unlocking new stages for this curious, stretchy... we're still not sure what genre it was.

[Source: Famitsu, Edge]

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