Wii U April System Update Drastically Cuts Loading Times (video)

Nintendo revealed the Wii U would be getting two system updates this spring to address console stability and overall system improvements. The first arrived earlier this month and the next is scheduled to land in April, reducing the time it takes to return to the console's main menu when exiting a game. The video above is a comparison between the current load times and the updated speed.

If Nintendo's video is accurate, which it appears to be, the time it takes to return to the menu will go from roughly 23 seconds down to a much improved 9 seconds following the update. The only thing to do now is wait for April to roll around so we can test out the speed boost ourselves.

Wii U is also slated to get Virtual Console support sometime after the incoming updates. The Wii U's classic gaming shop will launch with games from NES, SNES and, interestingly, Game Boy Advance. Fingers crossed we can play some Pokemon on the TV like we did with those Super Nintendo and Gamecube attachments.

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