New Video Game Releases For The Week Of 3/26: Aghast, Bioshocked, I Say!


Plenty to play this week, but the M-rated set probably has their eyes locked squarely on the latest from Irrational Games. After the jump, see what else is new and notable this week in game releases.

Title: "Bioshock Infinite"

Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PC

You might have heard of this one. We won't have our review quite ready for today, but when we do, you'll find out if Multiplayer is ready to join the chorus of acclaim for "Infinite" (which has earned the title of Best Reviewed game of the year). It's certainly the most heavily-promoted.

Anyway, here's hoping the thoughtfulness of the first game gels with the blockbuster demands of big budget publishing into something that feels cohesive.


Title: "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon"

Platform(s): 3DS

Hey, want to know more about this long-awaited sequel to "Luigi's Mansion?" Our own Jason Cipriano got some face time with Next Level Games' Bryce Holliday and Brian Davis recently to talk about ghosts, scares, and jokes in Luigi's 3DS solo adventure and you can read the first part here and the second part here.

Title: "Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel"

Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3

It feels like it was just yesterday that we heard the first details for the second "Army of Two" sequel, a series that never really begged for a followup. Not to diminish the efforts of developer Visceral Games but I have yet to meet anyone who has said something along the lines of "Rios and Salem--oh yeah, I love those guys!" In fact, I'm not even 100% sure those are their names, but EA has felt invested in the co-op shooter series.

And here it is, complete with celebrity guest appearances, preorder bonuses and the whole shebang. So... yay, I guess?

Title: "Slender: The Arrival"

Platform(s): PC

Developer Blue Isle Games creates a sequel to the creepy mod that would become a meme.

New media, kids.

Title: "Warframe"

Platform(s): PC

A third-person shooter from "Darkness II" developer Digital Extremes. Does it have what it takes to stand out from the pack of other games in the genre?

Title: "Terraria"

Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3

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