In Case You Weren't Hyped Enough: The 'Bioshock Infinite' Launch Trailer

The Songbird really, really wants to kill Booker in this trailer for "Bioshock Infinite," which is out today for the 360, PS3, and PC.

The critical reception to "Infinite" has been great so far--the question now is if audiences will get behind this very, very expensive blockbuster game out of Irrational. Normally, the dollars and cents of video games wouldn't be at the front of my thoughts when a new title has just been released (well, not exclusively, anyway) but part of the "Bioshock Infinite" narrative is how much the thing cost to make and publisher 2K pinning their hopes on it being a smash hit.

I loved the first game and even found Digital Extreme's conceptually superfluous sequel had a lot to appreciate (it just plays better), so I'm with the rest of you in wanting "Infinite" to be another sprawling, literate vision of dystopic excess.

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