Snuggle Up With These Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillows

When you're sitting down to play the next game on your list there's nothing more important than comfort. There's a good chance you'll be glued to that seat for quite some time, and gaming sores are no joke (though I have nothing to back this up). That's where these super soft retro game cartridge pillows come in.

Though the games depicted on each pillow may not exist outside one's imagination, it's pretty clear the pillows themselves are inspired by a particularly popular game console of our past. Thankfully, they're a bit more huggable than those cartridges ever were, and you probably won't ever have to blow them, except to clear out some cheetos crumbs.

The best part is that the retro video game cartridge pillows come as a set from ThinkGeek, meaning you can get one of each if you're willing to part with $35.

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