Read MTV Geek's Interview With 'God of War' Screenwriter Marcus Dunstan


Over on the Geek side, Eddie Wright got a chance to speak with screenwriter Marcus Dunstan about his horror film "The Collection" and attempted to get some news on the long-in-development "God of War" movie at Sony.

Of course Dunstan couldn't drop any major revelations, but he did say that the latest draft was just turned in to Sony last week, adding:

[Laughs] I can tell you verbatim, I have been gag ordered. It's under lock and key and I think for very good reasons. Man, I hope this film gets made so much because it is awesome! I say that like a high school kid with devil horns in the air, revving a car, spinning outside in the lot. It is awesome. And I really think it deserves to be made. Because we've seen so many interpretations of the sword and sandal films as of yet, but we have not seen anything like this.

If you're a horror fan, you owe it to yourself to check out the full interview.

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