Welcome To Pokémon Island With This Fan-made 'Pokémon Snap' Trailer

This homage to "Pokémon" (by way of "Jurassic Park") is just the thing Nintendo needs to see so they'll get on a sequel to one of their most oddly-compelling entries franchises.

Far be it from us to suggest that an international company like Nintendo take its business cues from a fan-made trailer for a hypothetical movie, but yeah, how about more "Pokémon Snap" for the Wii U, a console that seems as if it were designed from the ground up with that game in mind.

The video, by the folks at Cinesaurus, imagines a thrilling, dangerous adventure in the world snapping photographs of mysterious monsters. Steve Hudson nails it as Professor Oak while Forest Gibson's Todd is a little rough around the edges--not bad, just kind of stiff for the material.

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