Sony Highlights Indie Support at GDC, Bringing 'Limbo,' 'Spelunky,' and Others to PlayStation 3, Vita, and Mobile

by Joseph Leray

Ibb & Obb

Last night during the Game Developer's Conference, Sony hosted a PlayStation Indie Arcade event that detailed, touted, hyped, and otherwise showed off the suite of independently-developed and self-published games coming to the PlayStation 3, the Vita, and the PlayStation Mobile program.

A lot of these games have already been announced, but there are a handful of surprises. Here's the full list, divided by platform:

PlayStation 3

Rain (Studio Japan)

Sportsfriends (including Johann Sebastian Joust, BaraBariBall, Hokra and Super Pole Riders)

Ibb & Obb (Sparpweed)

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita

Divekick (Iron Galaxy Studios)

Spelunky (Derek Yu)

Guacamelee! (DrinkBox Studios)

Hotline Miami (Dennaton Games)

Dragon Fantasy Book II (Muteki Corporation)

Thomas Was Alone (Mike Bithell)

Luftrausers (Vlambeer)

PlayStation Vita

Velocity Ultra (FuturLab)

Limbo (Playdead)

Metrico (Digital Dreams)

PlayStation Mobile

A Virus Named Tom (Misfits Attic)

Beatdown in Treachery City (NuChallenger LLC)


Crystallon (Phoenix Perry)

Don’t Wake the Bear

Hermit Crab in Space! (Golden Ruby Games)

Oh, Deer!

Rymndkapsel (Martin Jonasson)

Ten By Eight


That's quite the list, and its nice to see Sony's push for more indie games crystalized so clearly. What's more is that I can think of a few titles off the top of my head that aren't even on this list, including Amanita Design's "Machinarium," Superflat's "Lone Survivor," and Mode7's "Frozen Synapse: Tactics" -- each of these games is coming to either the PlayStation 3 or Vita (or both) sometime this year, further swelling the ranks of Sony-distributed indies.

Not all of this is new information, though: we've already covered the "Hotline Miami" and "Luftrausers" announcements, and there's no denying that games like "Spelunky," "Sportsfriends," and "Limbo" were turning heads long before striking up a deal with Sony. (Incidentally, this is the first we've heard about "Limbo" on the Vita.) We covered "Rain" just earlier this morning.

There are some intriguing prospects in here, though: some of the PlayStation Mobile games don't have much a web presence yet, and "Metrico" is nothing but a website with a Twitter account. There's no telling what some of these could be. Martin Jonasson's "Rymndkapsel," however, first caught my attention earlier this year as an honorable mention in the Independent Games Festival's Excellence in Design category.

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