Paradox Interactive Launch New Studio, Announce Magical Multiplayer Mayhem in ‘Magicka: Wizard Wars’

by Joseph Leray

Paradox Interactive took advantage of the first day of the Game Developer’s Conference to announced “Magicka: Wizard Wars,” a player-vs.-player multiplayer game based on the series’ emergent spell-casting system. While the original “Magicka” offered a single-player and co-op campaign in addition to arena combat modes, “Wizard Wars” is purely competitive: two teams of four will go head-to-head burning, soaking, shocking, and crushing friends and opponents alike with abandon.

If you haven’t played “Magicka” (and you should — it’s pretty fun), here’s what makes “Wizard Wars” such a neat prospect: “Magicka” features a dynamic spell system that’s unpredictable at best and catastrophic at worst.

Instead of pre-loaded spells, players are free to mix and match defensive and offensive magic from a  long list of elements, and each combination produces unique results: a healing spell with a ground element might create a shield for your and your teammates, but a spell that combines rock and ground will produce a flaming boulder with which to smush your foes. If that weren’t enough, each team member’s spells interact in weird ways, and friendly fire is always on.

The co-op campaign on its own was hectic enough in the original “Magicka,” and “Wizard Wars” doubles the number of spells being slung.

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