Supergiant Games May Go Indie with "Transistor," Hasn't Begun Publishing Talks

by Joseph Leray


Supergiant Games used Warner Bros.' help to publish "Bastion," but they may be in a position to go indie with Transistor, their recently-announced sci-fi followup. "We don't have deals with anyone," lead designer Amir Rao told Joystiq during PAX East this weekend. "This is the first time anybody has seen the game. It's really way too early for us to say if we'll have a publisher or what platforms it will be on."

"Bastion" sold 1.7 million units across all platforms, including iOS and the Google Chrome store, and Rao suggested that it's given Supergiant enough cushion to start considering self-publishing the game. Most of "Bastion"'s sales came on Steam, though, which makes it a likely candidate to see an eventual "Transistor" release, whether Supergiant decide to self-publish or not.

In other news, YouTube broadcaster TotalBiscuit was kind enough to record about 15 minutes of the game, allowing those of us not fortunate enough to ship up to Boston for the weekend the opportunity to live vicariously through him. It's, to say the least, a very stylish introduction to the game, and "Transistor" is nothing if not evocatively pretty.

Here's the basic setup, as gleaned from the video: Players will control Red, an actress and singer targeted by a mysterious group of assassins called The Process. When she's ambushed by them, she loses her voice but finds a giant sword, the titular Transistor, voiced by Bastion narrator Logan Cunningham. Combat seems to take place on a tactical grid and is a mix of planned out positioning and attacks and real-time action. The demo ends as Red and the Transistor ride off into the night to take on The Process head-on.

Anyway! Describing the game as "cyberbunk 'Bastion'" is probably simplistic and a little reductive, but it's also enough to get most people excited. To be honest, this might be enough to spur a New Game+ run of "Bastion," come to think of it. I never did complete the Proving Ground for the Bullhead Shield .