Supergiant Games May Go Indie with “Transistor,” Hasn’t Begun Publishing Talks

by Joseph Leray

Supergiant Games used Warner Bros.’ help to publish “Bastion,” but they may be in a position to go indie with Transistor, their recently-announced sci-fi followup. “We don’t have deals with anyone,” lead designer Amir Rao told Joystiq during PAX East this weekend. “This is the first time anybody has seen the game. It’s really way too early for us to say if we’ll have a publisher or what platforms it will be on.”

“Bastion” sold 1.7 million units across all platforms, including iOS and the Google Chrome store, and Rao suggested that it’s given Supergiant enough cushion to start considering self-publishing the game. Most of “Bastion”’s sales came on Steam, though, which makes it a likely candidate to see an eventual “Transistor” release, whether Supergiant decide to self-publish or not.

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