‘Daylight’ Debut Delights: Teaser Trailer Features Flairs, Teddy Bears, and Other Things Going Bump in the Night

by Joseph Leray

Last month Zombie Studios, the six-man team behind “Blacklight: Retribution,” announced “Daylight,” a horror game about an amnesiac who wakes up in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. The fact that abandoned psychiatric institutions — “insane asylum” is no longer the preferred nomenclature — have been scientifically proven as the scariest buildings in the world sets the scene, as you can see in the new trailer (embedded below).

The game revolves around trying to escape from the hospital (obviously, since they’re universally terrifying), navigating its haunted halls by flashlight or flare, using your cell phone as a GPS to track your movements. Speaking with Destructoid, creative lead Jared Gerritzen compared the game to being a rat in a maze: “It’s kind of cool because the storyline is about this hospital and this doctor that was doing all of these experiments, and this insane kind of thing that really fits with the ’50s/’60s tests on rats,” he says.

“And so it’s really funny that you’re literally just trying to find your way through this map, but as you’re going through, you’re constantly being hunted and you’re constantly being scared. Everything is different each time.”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.