I Would Describe This 'MechWarrior Online' Trailer As 'Mech-tacular'

Piranha Games' "MechWarrior Online" stomps onto the scene with a new trailer for the free-to-play mech combat simulator.

The new trailer reveals some of the new Battle Mechs making their way into the game along with stuff like camo, TwitchTV integration and in-game events. There was actually a TwitchTV event today if you'd like to catch up with it and see "MechWarrior Online" in action.

I wonder how it stacks up to "Hawken?" Both games are mining similar territory, but the "MechWarrior" series has always been known for existing on the more technical end of the mech sim spectrum. It doesn't have nearly the visual flash of "Hawken" but the environments look to be a bit more open and their F2P model may be a little friendlier.

[Source: Gamespot via Gamer Motion]

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