Say Goodbye To Your Free Time: 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' Is Headed To iOS

MTV Multiplayer's 2012 Game of the Year is headed to iOS devices this summer in a move by developer Firaxis games to ensure that we never ever do anything but play "XCOM" forever.

Based on the video above, it looks like the UI for "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" will remain unchanged while the interface will match the capabilities of the console and PC versions of the hit strategy game. You can swipe and tap around XCOM mission control to navigate your base while combat involves simply tapping and confirming movement and actions; camera rotation appears to involve a pinch and twist on the iPad screen. How well some of us with meaty sausage fingers will be able to play this on the iPhone remains to be seen, but it's an option. It does look like the game has taken a slight hit to its framerate (at least at this stage), but otherwise, the port looks pretty sweet.

Firaxis and publisher 2K Games haven't announced a solid release date or pricing (I'm gonna guess $14.99), and also no word on whether the previously-released DLC will be bundled in, but we can expect the port sometime this summer.

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