Tali was Almost Cut from ‘Mass Effect 3,’ BioWare Edmonton Is Working on a New Game, and Other Factoids from the ‘Mass Effect’ PAX Panel

by Joseph Leray

BioWare took to PAX East over the weekend to host a celebratory panel on “Mass Effect,” the culmination of a sprawling space-opera that first started six years ago. Much of the proceedings were devoted to a retrospective video (embedded below) that features the writers, designers, programmers, artists, and voice actors that made the game possible.

Panels like these are often great sneak peeks into a game’s development, full of funny stories and what-if scenarios. One such tidbit is that everyone’s favorite engineer, Tali’Zorah vas Normandy (née nar Rayya), almost didn’t make the cut as a “Mass Effect 3” squad mate. “We talked about not putting Tali in as a full squadmate and passionate people on the team were like ’oh, you gotta put Tali in. Tali’s got to be there!'” explained executive producer Casey Hudson. “So thank Patrick Weekes and some of our writers for that. We figured if he was passionate about it then there were other people passionate about it, so we put her in there.”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.