Deep Silver: THQ Didn’t Understand How to Make ‘Metro’ Series Successful

by Joseph Leray

“Metro: Last Light” — 4A Game’s follow-up to the critically praised by commercially middling “Metro 2033” — was one of the many games sold in the wake of publisher THQ’s implosion last year. Along with Volition Studios and “Saints Row IV,” “Last Light” was sold to Koch Media, the German parent company of games label Deep Silver.

Speaking with Polygon, Deep Silver brand and public relations manager Jeremy Greiner explained that “the wheels started to fall off in December [2012] and we didn’t know what was going to happen with THQ … Thankfully, Deep Silver bought the game.”

Echoing earlier statements by Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media, Grenier explained that “Metro 2033” was successful and well-received in Europe, particularly Germany. Deep SIlver is one of the largest videogame distributors in the region, making the “Metro” series a good fit.

In North America, however, THQ “dropped” the ball, Grenier said.

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