Shoo, Fly!: The Hand-Drawn Trailer for ‘Shu’ is Gorgeous

by Joseph Leray


Nestled somewhere in the Scottish Lowlands, presumably near Dundee, is an office for Secret Lunch, an indie studio formed by former University of Abertay students. Secret Lunch’s first project is called “Shu,” a gorgeous platformer about running, jumping, and gliding your way up a mountain, chased by cataclysmic tornadoes and flooding rivers.

The eponymous Shu is a bird-beaked little traveller hoping to escape some sort of malevolent storm. He can escape it by reaching the top of the mountain (shown in the trailer below), but landslides, lightning strikes, and the destroyed remains of a town called the Nest are getting the way.

It’s unclear if “Shu” is an auto-scrolling platformer in the vein of, say, Gaijin Game’s “Runner 2,” but the mechanics revolve around whether or not Shu decides to rescue stranded Nesters on his way to sanctuary. Pulling that old guy around by his flowing beard (no, literally) is the nice the thing to do, I guess, but not if he slows you down and you’re both swallowed up by the storm.

The project has been on Steam’s Greenlight service since late December, but it slipped beneath the collective radar until spotted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It’s honestly too pretty and gorgeous not to share, timeliness notwithstanding. I think my favorite thing is that the particle effects aren’t really particles as much as they’re careful blobs of color getting sucked into the vortex.

It’s charming stuff, but with no platforms or release dates announced, it’s likely we still have a bit of waiting before setting off on what will surely be an arduous trek. Secret Lunch’s Greenlight campaign suggests a digital PC release, but mum’s the word on any other concrete details.

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