A New Trailer Shows 'Left 4 Dead 2' Survivors Infecting 'Resident Evil 6'

Plus the Witch and Mini Tank put the hurt on Leon in this gameplay trailer for the PC-exclusive mode Mercenaries No Mercy in "Resident Evil 6."

About five months after its console release, the PC version of "Resident Evil 6" drops today and looks pretty good for all of that extra time in development (at least based on this trailer). Between this and all of the great stuff I've heard about the "DmC" PC port, I'm starting to think maybe I should start thinking about a hardware upgrade. One thing: does the Witch look too slick to you now? She still mostly has the same behavior as in "L4D2," but her movement seems a little too smooth and hence, less pants-wettingly terrifying.

And while Capcom gets the four survivors and two enemies of "Left 4 Dead 2," later this spring, Valve's game will receive three enemies from "RE6": the Lepotitsa, Napad and Ogroman.

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