Vlambeer Officially Announces Stylish Figther Pilot Game 'Luftrausers' for Vita and PS3

by Joseph Leray


The not-really-official news that Dutch indie phenoms Vlambeer were bringing “Luftrausers,” their pixel art airplane dogfighting game, to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Network has finally come to fruition. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail finally announced the game, with a gameplay trailer to match.

Ismail writes that the “Luftrausers” deal is a result of the positive experience the team had when bringing “Super Crate Box” to the PlayStation Network late last year, noting that having Devolver Digital on hand as publisher allowed them to “get right to what matters most: making a fun game about airplanes for people to enjoy on their PlayStation devices.”

“We’re a two-man studio that is investing a lot of time into making a game about shooting airplanes that is fun, explosive and makes you feel like the best pilot in the world,” Ismail writes. “We want to be spending time on that, not on having nitpicky negotiations.”

I should mention also, though, that Devolver Digital has a proven track record taking hip, stylish indie games and making them successful: “Hotline Miami” sold enough under Devolver’s guidance to afford a sequel. That isn’t to say that Vlambeer aren’t capabale on their own -- their “Ridiculous Fishing” has been tearing up the iOS App Store since it was released last week.

Like the Flash game it’s based on, “Luftrausers” is a dogfighting game about big explosions and complex, physics-enabled turns and loop-de-loops, brought to life by Vlambeer’s chunky pixel art and sepia-toned color palette.

The game will include various missions and different airplane, engine, and weapon combinations to suit your needs: “And when it’s over and the dust clears from your glorious defeat, you head back into the hangar and think – ‘what if I tried it with a laser mounted instead of a machinegun?’” Ismail ponders.

While no official date has been announced for the Vita or PSN versions of “Luftrausers” -- it's also coming digitally to Mac, Linux, and PC -- the game is due sometime this Spring for $9.99.

[PlayStation Blog, Devolver Digital]

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