Enter The Dead Dunes In These New ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’ Screens

Square Enix sent along this screenshot sampler from the Dead Dunes–the arid, monster-filled wilderness of Nova Chrysalia in “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.” Lightning fights! She shops! She waits patiently while you fool around in the menu screen!

During a preview event back in January, several of us journalists got our first look at some of the new locations in “Lightning Returns,” the open world on a clock sequel to “Final Fantasy XIII.” And while the game will allow you to travel the doomed world of Nova Chrysalia by train, Square Enix has filled its interconnected continents with all manner of open landscapes for Lightning to explore where she can find unique monsters and quests (if she wants to take a break from the saving the world thing).

From the publisher:

Facing new monsters and bandits, Lightning must explore these treacherous deserts and gain information from the mysterious village that huddles around the oasis. The new screenshots also feature the different shops in the game including food, magic, ability and item shops along with an inn where Lightning can rest and replenish her health.

“Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” will be available this fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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